Birthday cake and Ferrero Breakfast – Famale


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This is our signature Breakfast, and that’s because everybody loves it! This breakfast is a unique way to surprise a loved one on their birthday, love or any other occasion. It includes all the essentials to enjoy a sweet and unforgettable day, all nicely placed on a bed-tray, we can decorate if is woman or if is men!



  1. Wooden Tray (13.25 In X 1.77 In).
  2. Delicious Chocolate Cake 5-7 People.
  3. Luxury Box 48 units Ferrero Rocher.
  4. Mug 9 Oz with beautiful message.
  5. Starbucks Bottled Mocha Frappuccino 9.5 fl oz
  6. M&M Chocolate candies
  7. One (1) Apple
  8. Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme Milk Shake – 12 fl oz
  9. Delicious Waffle.
  10. Orange Juice Tropicana, (8 Oz).
  11. Container with delicious strawberries.
  12. Two (2) personal packaging pepper jack cheese.
  13. One (1) Single Coffee bag.
  14. Nestle single Coffee-Mate liquid cream.
  15. Water Bottle.
  16. Splenda.
  17. Cream Cheese Spread (1 Oz 28 g).
  18. One (1) Colored Napkin.
  19. Three (3) Helium balloons (you can choose the message).